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INITIAL (Doctoral Dissertation Series) #3

Meaning in Language and Music

-Sign and Slaughter-

Abdurrahman Gülbeyaz 著






This work arose from the observation of, and insight into, the circumstance that there is an irreconcilable, antithetical relation between, on the one hand, what is brought into the world by that which terms itself ‘human civilisation’ in the course of its ten thousand years of recorded development and, on the other hand, the modern, self-referential human account thereof.
This state of affairs demonstrates itself patently enough in the exclusively human behaviour to label the specifically human as ‘inhuman’ with an unerring methodicalness – such that it requires nothing more than picking up those deeds, behaviours, postures, events, artefacts, institutions, etc. which are marked by humans with the attribute ‘inhuman’ to ascertain those features and properties which differentiate the human being from the rest of the earth dwellers.
Departing from this – more often than not – lethal irony and laying open how human individuals deal with and make sense of the universe and their unsolicited being in it as sentient living things equipped with thinking and speaking skills, the line of reasoning reflects vehemently the need to critically reassess the conceptual infrastructure and the dominating mode of production of so-called modern thought and to point forthrightly to the reciprocal causal relationship between these and the untold destructiveness and life-hostility of human agents.
Alongside, and in connection with, a confrontational discussion regarding the mainstays of the prevalent mode of knowledge production, the book develops an entirely different account of the human condition and human activities, impelling not only the professionals of the knowledge production sector of modern societies but also, and even more so, the consumers, that is, the average members of the human collective, to radically rethink everything concerning their acts and omissions.


An Alternative Locus of Meaning-Generation
Meaning and its Research / The Overall Structure and the Subdivision of the Present Work

Part I_
Chapter I
Preliminary Meditations upon Science: An Attempt at Self-Legitimation
Methodological Refusals / Science in Connection with the First Act of Refusal / What is Science? The Second act of refusal / Regarding the Aura of Educational Discourse / Synopsis

Chapter II
Meditations on Culture and other Euphemisms: An attempt at ‘Deculturing’ the Meaning
The Advent of the Modern Concept of ‘Culture: a Fatal Resemiosis / Herder and the Biologization of the Enlightenment / ‘Philosophers’s Stone’ Found / What to do with ‘Culture’? / Synopsis

Part II_
Chapter III
An Extended Theory of Semiotics
Semiosis as the Quintessence of Human Modes of Existence / Regarding the Sign and the Structure of Semiosis / Regarding Trans-semiosis and Resemiosis / Synopsis

Chapter IV
Transformational Processes in Language and Music Behaviour
On the Relationship between the Phenomena of Language and Music / Language and Music as Semiotic Systems / Transformational Processes in Language and Music / The Motive Power and Playground of Exogenous Transformations / Synopsis

Part III_
Chapter V
Music as Semiosis: The Musicalization of Language and Languaging of Music
On Human Communication / Plato’s Cave: An Early Analogy to the Semiosphere in which Human Beings Lie in Chains / Thinking, Speaking, Writing and Memory / Spoken Language, Sung Language / Speaking in Tunes and Tongues / Synopsis

Chapter VI
Myth as Semiosis
Preliminaries to Myth, Mythology, Cult etc. / Common Mythemes in the Cults of “Khizir” and “Ak Burkhan” / Conclusion / Synopsis

Chapter VII
Resocialising the Sign / Resocialising Meaning: Bourdieu versus Saussure and Chomsky
Language in Classical Antiquity and Middle Ages / Renaissance, Enlightenment and the Birth of ‘Nation’ / The First Linguistic Revolution / The Second Linguistic Revolution / Bourdieu’s Critique of Saussure and Chomsky / Synopsis

The Matrical Social Space
A New Periodization of the Social – i.e Sociemic – History / The Governing Parameters of Meaning

Previous History / 1.Metatheoretical Level / 1.1.Rethinking humanness / 1.2.Rethinking ‘knowledge’ and ‘meaning’ / 1.3.Rethinking Society / 2.Theoretical Level / 2.1.Hierarchy of Sign Systems and Types of Semiosis / 2.2.Concluding Remarks upon Meaning in Music and Language


Preface / Acknowledgements / Table of Contents


Abdurrahman Gülbeyaz
Born in Iskenderun in Turkey, Abdurrahman Gülbeyaz studied linguistics, musicology and medical sociology at the universities of Gazi and Bosporus in Turkey and at the university of Hamburg in Germany, obtained a Master of Arts degree in ‘English Language Literature and Culture’ from Hamburg University. He completed his doctorate in the Human Sciences Faculty of the University of Osaka in Japan. Semiotics, linguistics and philosophy constitute the nucleus of his research fields.
Abdurrahman Gülbeyaz is currently Associate Professor in the Graduate School of Language and Culture at Osaka University in Japan.




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